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Dance moves

Here are some of the dances moves that are taught in lessons,
along with what they mean!
La Rueda

10 simple moves for beginners



Means: Plug In

Enchufla is the most basic turn in salsa and many complex variations are using Enchufla as a component. The enchufla is traditionally preformed while the boy's left hand is holding the girl's right hand but as variations get more complex the Enchufla comes in variety of way: right to left, right to right, holding both hands, both hands in a cross and lots more.

Enchufla Y Dame

Means: Plug in and give me

Enchufla Y Dame is a rueda move composed of a regular Enchufla and swapping partners immediately. More than the move itself it's important to understand the Y Dame part since it can be called after a lot of moves and the principal is the same.

Enchufla Doble


Means: Plug In twice

Enchufla Doble is a very similar move to Enchufla and it seems like an Enchufla, backwards Enchufla and Enchufla again. With the feet both partners are using mostly the back rocks steps.


Means: Look at her

On 1 there must be Contra. This is achieved by giving the follower a slight pull inside on the 7th beat of the previous count.
On 1-2-3 the follower walks a clock wise turn. the leader lets go of the hand on 2. THE TURN IS NOT A SPIN!!! Like all other turns in Cuban Salsa is performed walking in circles. Also the circle should complete one and a half turns. Meanwhile the leader steps in place and turns just a bit in order to be infront of the follower when she is finishing her turn.
On 5-6-7 the couple comes together to closed position, like the 5-6-7 of Enchufla, only getting into a hold on 7.

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