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About SalsaRicaUK  


My name is Bryan Ramos and I come from Ecuador in South America. 

I started dancing at the age of 6, and haven't stopped since. My main influences are from Puerto Rico and Cuba (I lived in Cuba for 3 years), as well as LA and New York.

 I try to blend these styles to create something individual.

Whilst living in Northern Ireland between 2002 - 2006 I taught in several different venues.  I got a great response and I am very grateful to all those people who supported me by coming to my classes and the social events I organised.


From 2007 to 2009, while living in Australia, I taught in different venues around Canberra.  I’m now living in the UK in Milton Keynes where I have started teaching.

If you enjoy dancing, come along to one of my classes or social events. I hope to get you up on the dance floor!


Meet The Team


Bryan Ramos

Here you will find the friendly faces that make up the SalsaRicaUK team


Eduardo Anselmi

Assistant Manager


Michael Bird

Programming Editor


Emma Louise

Art Director

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